Piccolino no Bōken

Piccolino no Bōken (ピコリーノの冒険 Pikorīno no Bōken?, lit. “Adventures of Pinocchio”) is a 52 episode anime series by Nippon Animation first aired in 1976. The story is based on the novel “Pinocchio” by Italian author Carlo Collodi.

The Plot

Although the plot was slightly changed from the original story, the basis of the plot remained like the original story and starts with the lonely poor carpenter Mister Geppetto, whom receives one day a mysterious wooden log from which he carves a marionette which comes to life and becomes the child he never had. Mister Geppetto sends Pinocchio to school but Pinocchio which is mischievous, inquisitive and innocent gets tempted to do irresponsible things and eventually he flees away from his home, undergoes great adventures but eventually he learns the meaning of responsibility, rescues Mister Geppetto from a whale at the end is transformed by the Fairy with Turquoise Hair into a real boy